Ep07: Special episode; Future of Cruising

  • 34:19
  • 13 November, 2020
  • 34.1M

Welcome aboard a special edition of Kiwi Tripsters,dedicated to our passion for ocean cruising and the future of the cruise industry. Mike Yardley talks about how his abiding passion for ocean cruising was hatched after scoring a job as a DJ and Cruise Host with Royal Olympic Cruises, while doing his big OE over 20 years ago.

Princess cruises under the stars
Princess Cruises under the stars. Photo: Mike Yardley

Ocean cruising’s indelible experiences. Mike and Chris discuss some of the most remarkable cruise itineraries, the variety of options and unmissable experiences. Whether you’re into mega-ships or ultra-luxury small ships, family fun or an epic expedition, there’s a ship with your name on it.

Voyager of the seas
Voyager of the seas. Photo: Mike Yardley

Mike talks to two leading lights in the cruise industry. Kevin O’Sullivan, executive director of the New Zealand Cruise Association. And Joel Catz, the regional head of the Cruise Lines International Association.

Sky Princess Piazza
Sky Princess Piazza. Photo: Mike Yardley

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