Episode 4: Sunkissed Cartagena

  • 32.50
  • 09 December, 2019
  • 30.70M

Cartagena, Colombia

Mike and Chris kick off the episode on the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean, turning the spotlight on the Colombian treasure-chest of Cartagena. Sun-toasted and richly stewed in culture, we focus on Cartagena’s incredible history, the old city architecture, what to sample on the foodie trail and how to escape the crowds. And we have a Lonely Planet giveaway!

Tips & Tricks: How to get speedy through Airport security

Airport Security. It’s arguably the biggest downer to international travel, schlepping your way through the tedium and rigmarole of airport security screening. But some airports have gone out of their way to expedite and streamline passenger processing with breath-taking efficiency. We look at the star-performers and also provide some tips on what you can do to help speed-up the screening procedures and checkpoint congestion.

Fun with the Finns in Helsinki

Fun with Finns. Finland’s waterfront Helsinki is a winner of a destination, despite being over-shadowed by its Nordic rivals, Denmark and Stockholm. We look at what makes Helsinki so distinctive, its stirring design scene, the architectural highlights, where to disrobe for some sauna time and what to sink your teeth into. Moose meatballs, anyone?

Top London Pubs

Many Kiwis doing their big OE end up pouring pints in British pubs. Mike did the same, when he was 27. We look at the time-honoured history of some of London’s greatest watering holes from Ye Old Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street to The George Inn by London Bridge.

Show Notes

  • 00.52 Cartagena - the sun-kissed jewel of Colombia
  • 7.30 Tips and tricks - Airport security and how to get through quickly
  • 16.15 Fun with the Finns in Helsinki
  • 23.00 Top London pubs

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